Be Positive

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Decide what you want and be positive. Did you know that our unconscious mind only

understands positives and not negatives e.g... Do not think about your car—you are

aren’t you?! Don’t think about your right hand—oops done it again? Do not whatever you do; think about anything Blue —too late! It is impossible not to think about something!

Have you laid awake at night telling yourself not to think about a problem—it doesn’t work does it?

Do you understand what I mean—you will always get more of what you think about. So if you always say to yourself “I don’t want to be fat”, you are focusing on “being fat”. Add to that the fact that this statement confuses fat with identity, your unconscious eventually connects your identity with being fat. This is why individuals who talk about themselves in this way rarely manage to maintain their optimal weight. So if you would like to achieve a slimmer figure, try this for starters: “I want to have a slimmer figure”. Say it to yourself regularly and ditch the old negative self talk! This applies to everything you want to achieve. Remember, “I want to….

Be specific. We can be quite vague when describing our goals. I ask my clients “what are your goals?” and usually I receive very vague responses e.g. be fitter—well what does that mean? Fit for what? A Marathon? Sky Diving? Washing up? Remember we

get what we focus on so being really clear about what you want to achieve means you are more likely to achieve it.

So What Is Your Goal?

  • What does it look like?

  • What will you look like when you achieve it?

  • How will you feel?

  • How will you behave?

  • What will you see? what will others see?

  • What will you hear? E.g. what will you say to yourself and what will others say?

  • How will your life be different? Are you prepared for the change?

  • Are you prepared to do what it takes? Do you know what you will be required to do?

  • Do you have the required support/resources?

  • What steps will you take to achieve your goal?

  • When will you start?

  • When will you know you’ve achieved your goal?

  • By when do you want to have achieved your goal?

  • Are you 100% committed?

Reach For Your Potential

So to summarise….

  • State your goal positively, banish all negative self talk and do not allow others to be negative around you (even in jest).

  • Be clear about what you want and when you want it by.

  • Be committed.

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