What to expect in a Backcare Pilates Class.

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

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All Pilates classes are different, depending on the instructor, so if you have attended a Pilates class before attending one with Gillian you may notice a difference as some instructors teach from the front on a mat, some focus a lot on breathing technique, some are very serious, some hilarious.

There is no right or wrong way you have to choose which form of teaching best suits you.

So let me tell you what to expect from a class taught by Gillian.

Hopefully, you will have been in touch via email before attending class and you would have been sent a health questionnaire for you to fill in and return before your class. This will give all the information needed to give adaptations to exercises and to structure classes to meet the needs of those attending.

The size of the class is limited to 5 this allows Gillian to give individual attention to each person. So expect to be individually corrected or helped. This means that at some point in the class Gillian may well touch you. If you do not like being touched then a class with Gillian may not be for you. As this is the best way to get you in the right position

All mats and equipment are provided. Expect to see pillows, blocks, resistance bands, small balls and foam rollers

Gillian does not teach from a mat at the front of the class, you be will verbally be instructed whilst Gillian walks around observing each individuals technique.

There is a great deal of humour in Gillian's classes because she believes exercise should be fun.

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