Fit for Life

Each year thousands of people sign up to do some form of physical challenge, usually it is something as simple as running a 5 K fun run or something as challenging as a marathon.

They know that in order to succeed in their goal that they are going to have to train and prepare their muscles and energy systems for that particular event.

I find it admirable that they will spend so much time and effort preparing for something that will just take a few hours or, depending on the challenge, maybe a day of their time.

So I find it strange that people do so little to help meet the challenge of everyday life.

These days life does not treat us kindly. We are short of time; we are stressed; we are sedentary - even the most disciplined exercisers spend most of their waking hours sitting down.

We spend most of our day spent in a forward flexed position that our bodies are not designed for, no matter where we are sitting, on the sofa or in the car, they all encourage the same forward flexed position.

This in turn causes tightness through the neck and chest, the upper back becomes weak and stiff, which can often cause the lower back to take the load.

We under-use some key postural muscles in our upper backs and over-use others in the chest. Imbalances are bound to happen with pain and injury being the likely outcome. Is it any wonder that 85% of UK adults suffer with back and neck pain? Athletes and sports persons invest time every day to ensure their bodies are fit for purpose.

Well maybe we should all take that mindset into the way we live and ensure we are FIT FOR LIFE.

Exercises to aid Posture

Seated Extension

Support your neck by placing your hands Interlocked behind your neck. Round your lower back slightly, to focus the movement to the upper back, and slowly bend backwards.

Seated Rotation

Sit upright on a chair, with your feet flat on the floor. Interlock your hands behind your neck, and twist to one side keeping your hips still. Your neck will follow the movement. Repeat to the opposite side. This exercise is a great mobility exercise for the spine.

Repeat each exercise 5 times on each side

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