Looking after your back whilst christmas shopping

With Christmas fast approaching, and the shops all stocked and ready for hoards of shoppers, many of us we will soon be heading out there to do the bulk buying that we all seem to do for Christmas.

Carrying heavy bags, standing and walking for long period of time and fighting through the crowds is all part of the magic of Christmas (lol). But at what cost to the back?

If you already suffer from back pain shopping at any time will not be a pleasant experience, I know there is always the internet, but nothing beats getting out there once in a while and having a rummage through the stores.

If you don’t suffer from back pain, odds on when you come back from hours of shopping carrying lots of heavy bags you will feel a twinge and an ache and not just in the bank balance.

So why do we ache, well it could be a number of reasons;

  • Bad posture

  • Weak core muscles

  • Wrong footwear

  • Uneven weight distribution

So here are some easy to follow tips to make that shopping trip a little more pleasurable.

  • Wear sensible foot wear, comfy shoes with a slight heel are best. Not the Saturday night come to bed shoes with the 4-inch heel.

  • Lift heavy shopping bags with bent knees (remember squat position) Do not bend from the back.

  • Carry your shopping close to the body as this puts less strain on the back. Evenly distribute the bags between both hands. Don’t carry all the bags on one side.

  • Hold onto the rail and pick a step when using escalators. Try to avoid racing up and weaving between people

  • Don’t over stretch for something on the top shelf. Ask someone to reach it for you.

  • Most important of all remember your posture. Stand up straight and proud.

  • Shopping should be a pleasure so allow plenty of time, take regular coffee and cake breaks to recharge before your next attack.

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