Stress & Back pain

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Many of us suffer from back pain on a regular basis, where no medical reason can be found to explain it.

Well maybe its our lifestyle thats causing us the discomfort and pain mainly STRESS.

The powerful relationship between stress and lower back pain cannot be ignored.

The effect of stress on the body, whether it be a stressful day at the office or tension at home, can be a massive contraction of the muscles of the body.

The body responds to this with a hormonal response called “fight or flight”. This is when the body instinctively readies itself for action.

The problem is not with the initial surge of adrenaline or the initial contraction of the muscles. The problem occurs when the muscle contraction prompted by stress does not stop, even after the stressful situation has passed. In other words you may have achieved your deadline at work and got the kids out of the house and to school on time, but your muscles in your back or else where are still contracting.

Chronic muscular contraction is painful because once the fuel that the muscles needs has burned up (glycogen) from the muscles constant use, acids build up around nerves, the muscle becomes exhursted, and no fresh blood, oxygen, or nutrients can get to it. The muscle becomes starved resulting in pain and weakness.

So we need to recognise the emotional stress in our lifes and learn how to deal with it:

Identify the people and stiuations that tend to bother you and if possible try and avoid them. Although this may not be possible, in reality, some people and situations can not be avoided, such as rush hour traffic, nasty boss or work deadlines. Its all part of every day life.

The next best thing to total avoidance is learning to anticipate these situations ahead of time and making a conscious decision not to let them bother you.

At the end of any stressful day take a few minutes and find a quiet place and close your eyes; listen to some relaxing music, breathe slowly and deeply and image yourself somewhere warm and relaxing.

And, do pilates.

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