Pilates and Skiing

Is Skiing your thing, do you just travel out to your chosen destination without any preparation and do your thing??

Is that first night after your first day of skiing a bit painful?

The truth is skiing makes demands on the body that are best met by doing ski exercises off the slope as well

So maybe try Pilates before your next trip. Pilates specialises in core strength, flexibility, balance and control so, it is really well suited for skiers

Pilates challenges the deep stabilising muscles that creates a strong and flexible body this is essential when having large ski boots on which, when the skis are strapped on do not always go in the direction you want them to.

If you’re an advanced skier Pilates will help maintain balance so help with greater speed if you’re an piste skier.

Pilates Exercises can

  • strengthen and open the hip flexors while keeping a stable pelvis

  • building balance skills

  • tone the inner thighs to hold parallel

  • supports the ability to turn the hips with a stable upper body

  • strengthens and stretches the back

  • overall core conditioning

As well as Pilates you may need to do some Cardiovascular Exercise. Tiredness due to low fitness levels can lead to a loss of concentration and increase the risk of accidents.

Here are 4 basic Pilates exercises which are great for skiers

Here are 4 basic Pilates exercises which are great for skiers


Stretches the hip flexors, improves balance, tones core muscles, tones inner thighs

Take a step forwards, and bend the front knee past the vertical. The back knee drops towards the floor. Always keep good alignment: your knee should stay over the 2nd ray of your foot, and never let your knee drop inwards.

Spine Curl

Strengthens the back, the glutes, and the hamstrings. Tones the inner thigh, warms up the spine, opens the front of the hip.

Adopt the supine start position. Bring your heels slightly closer to your bottom to reduce the stress on your Hamstrings. Exhale as you tilt your pelvis back underneath you, pressing your lower back into the floor. Slowly roll your spine off the mat one vertebrae at a time to the tips of your shoulder blades. Hold this position as you inhale. Exhale, rolling the spine back down, one vertebrae at a time. Make sure you keep your weight equal through both feet. Repeat as required.

Oblique Curl

Strengthens abdominal muscles, focuses on the obliques.

Adopt the supine start position. Inhale to prepare. Exhale as you lengthen the back of your neck and nod your head forward, curling your upper body while twisting from the mid back directing the shoulder towards your opposite hip. Keep the back of your lower ribcage in contact with the floor, with your head relaxed in your hands. Do not allow your abdominals to bulge, and keep your pelvis neutral. Inhale to hold, exhale as you slowly return back to the starting position. Repeat as required.


Strengthens the upper back, stretches and opens the front torso

Adopt the prone start position, find neutral and engage your centre. Squeeze your shoulder blades in a V-shape down and in. Lift your arms behind you. You can make the exercise harder by turning the hands outwards/upwards so the palms face away from your thighs. You can also lift your head slightly.

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