Co Ordination

I often work on Coordination and balance with my cleints, with, I must say some hilarious results.

Coordination and Balance are skills that we learn as babies. We perfect these abilities through movement challenges and practice.

If we stop being aware of balance and coordination the brain will switch off from these activities, hence performing them will become more difficult.

Exercises that integrate brain function can improve coordination and balance making us more alert and aware. The saying of “use it or lose it” is very true.

Cross Crawl Exercise to help with Coordination

Cross-Crawl Stand up straight, with good posture. Lift one arm high above your head. Bring your elbow towards your opposite knee. Repeat to the opposite side. The important thing is to concentrate on your co-ordination, and make sure your feet do not move from their original starting position (i.e. its quite common to move forwards, or rotate in one direction

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