Arm Floats

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

This exercise will

Stretch the Latissimus dorsi and (to a lesser extent) the teres major.

Stabilise the mid back when under challenge from arm movement.

Arm Floats

Arms over Head: Start Position

1. Lie in the Relaxation Position. Neutral pelvis

2. Keep your feet and knees in line with your hips, or a little wider if that is more comfortable

Arms over Head: Action

Keeping a connection through the abdominals. Take a breath in

Making sure your upper spine does not arch. Breathing out raise both arms up and

over to point at the wall behind you. Don't worry if your arms do not touch the ground, (mine don’t)

Take a breathe in to hold the arm position.

Breathe out to return your arms down to the start position.

Repeat 8 times

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