Updated: Aug 12, 2019

This exercise will:

Mobilise the upper spine, Stretch out the chest muscles and stabilise the shoulder blades

Side lying open door

Side Lying Open Door: Start Position

1. Lying on your right side with your head on a cushion.

2. Stack shoulders, hips, knees and ankles one on top of the other.

3. Ensure head and neck are in line with the spine

4. Knees bent with heels in line with the buttocks

5. Right arm is resting on the mat and your left arm is placed on top of the right

6. Maintain a connection with the abdominals

Side Lying Open Door: Action

1. Breathe in as you raise the top arm, keeping it straight and lifting it towards the ceiling.

2. Follow the arm with your head.

3. Breathe out in as you continue to rotate your head, neck and upper spine to the left taking the arm towards the mat.

4. Keep the knees together and on the mat.

5. Breathe in to rotate your spine back to the right, reaching for the ceiling once the arm is over the shoulder joint.

6. Breathe out as you rotate and return spine and arm back to the start position.

7. Repeat 5 times, and then repeat on left

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