Walking Your way to a Healthier body

Did you know that you are more likely to stick to a walking workout than any other form of exercise?

It’s not surprising really, walking is what our body loves to do – you can walk any time, any place and at any level of fitness, also it’s free!

I personally walk up to 3 miles every day, but I have a great incentive – 2 large dogs Chip and Pin (see the picture taken the first day we got Pin). Walking always improves my mood and helps me keep energised.

US research found a brisk 30 minute walk 3 times a week could be just as effective at fighting depression than taking antidepressants.

Here are some more reasons to start walking:

  • It helps keep a healthy heart

  • Strengthens your bones

  • Raises immunity and could maybe add years to your life

  • Improves your mood

  • Increases energy

If you are thinking of starting a walking programme, aim to build up to walking briskly for at least 30 minutes at a time, every day, if you can. Do not try and go too far too soon or too fast.

So start by walking for 5 minutes three times a week at a pace a little faster than a stroll. If that feels ok, add 5 minutes the next week and keep building up both time and pace. Make it more fun by walking with a friend or borrow someone’s dog to give you that extra incentive!

Comfy shoes are essential, training shoes with good ankle support and a cushioned sole is fine. If you are thinking of walking off road a good pair of water proof shoes would be recommended.

Remember your posture, maintaining good posture will help you engage all your muscles effectively. Lift your ribs up and out of your pelvis, making the body long. Lengthen the neck by aiming to increase the distance between shoulders and ear lobes. Walk tall and proud.

But most importantly enjoy your surroundings, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy!

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