It usually takes almost two weeks for the painful swelling in my knees to subside after a weeks skiing.  This year after only one session on the reformer with Gill, my knees are back to normal straight away.

Michele Carr

It's no exaggeration to say that Gill's Pilates classes have transformed my life! 5 year ago I had a major disc prolapse during pregnancy. It left me on crutches, largely unable to drive, under the care of neurosurgeons at Hope Hospital, and unable to do simple daily tasks like loading the washing machine or emptying the kitchen bin. It really got me down and I felt like I'd never get back to proper health again. 5 years on and I have just completed my first ever 10k running race! I started attending Gill's Pilates classes in 2012 and have gradually gone from strength to strength. She's an excellent teacher - very knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and funny too which really adds to the enjoyment. She's confident in tailoring exercises within a group class to cater to individual needs and is always ready to offer helpful advice. My back is now strong and healthy, and I'm off medication and have been discharged from the Pain Clinic. A very large part of that is as a direct result of attending Gill's classes, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them. 

Gwen Bramwell

Gillian is an excellent Pilates teacher, more especially for those of us with specific & serious injuries. She has many specific qualifications and years of experience in the field to back her up, including working for an Osteopath who refers clients on to her. Gill truly understands your injury/injuries and adapts exercises personally for you, and that is why many of us who attend her classes chose her to teach us. However, do be warned, this can’t be said for all Pilates instructors. It takes a lot more than a Pilates Instructors exam to be a good Pilates teacher, no matter how enthusiastic they may be. Experience and a thorough knowledge and understanding is the key here when teaching Pilates to people with injuries. At least with Gill, we know we are in very safe hands here !!

Sally Courtney

I highly recommend anyone to see Gillian if they have any joint problems. I have had chronic back and neck pain for 3 years and since seeing Gillian I have found it so much easier to manage the pain. Not only that, but the pain has slightly reduced making everyday things so much easier. The sessions are interesting and fun as well.

Ruth Shaw

Gillian is an expert in her field .. I trust her implicitly with my back issues ..her attention to detail Regards each person in her class is second to none!!!

Wendy Brierley

I’ve been attending your classes for the past 5 weeks and wanted to let you know that these have been the most helpful and enjoyable I’ve come across in the last few years.  You are extremely patient, let everyone work at their own pace and make the classes enjoyable with your banter.


Although I struggle with the balance issues (who would have thought it so difficult to stand on your own 2 feet!) and I need to concentrate, I’m hopefully improving with each session.  Your classes are extremely enjoyable and I have found that my shoulders are giving me less pain, still pain within my neck but I am sure that over time this will also be resolved.

Lesley Tilley

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